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Organic Equine Health Inhale (organic)

Created to naturally support your horse's inhalation when exercising. May soothe symptoms of allergies and ease head shaking. Ideal for runny noses, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Can be applied daily before and/or after a ride.
$34.95 (NZD) incl GST

Organic Equine Health Protect (organic)

Alleviate persistent fungal infections with this naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal balm. It is deeply nourishing to support natural recovery in dry, cracked heels and excellent to apply to fetlocks during winter months. Also assists in softening hard scabs for easy, painless removal.
$34.95 (NZD) incl GST

Pure Unscented Body Cream (organic)

This silky, aqueous cream has been made with the purest, gentlest, all-natural ingredients including skin-loving oils Avocado (organic), Apricot Kernel (organic) and Jojoba (organic), and nourishing butters Shea (organic) & Cocoa (organic). It's velvety-smooth to the touch, readily absorbed and deeply nourishing. Especially formulated for sensitive skin and ideal for all-over body care and massage. Use as is, in its purest form, or enjoy as the perfect unscented base to create your own bespoke therapeutic blends. Simply drop in essential oils of your choice or a ready formulated Pure Blend (see directions).
$32.95 (NZD) incl GST

Pure Unscented Body Lotion (organic)

This wonderfully replenishing, velvety-smooth body lotion has been made with only the purest natural ingredients including skin-loving oils Almond (organic) and Avocado (organic), and nourishing butters Shea (organic) and Cocoa (organic). Ideal for sensitive skin, it glides on effortlessly and is absorbed within seconds. The neutral scent of this soothing lotion allows you to add your own choice of essential oils for personal or therapeutic purposes, or you can choose a ready formulated Pure Blend (see directions).
$29.95 (NZD) incl GST