Building Immunity - Essential Oils NZ

10 years ago, a Tasmanian cattle farmer was repairing some very rusty fencing on a hill on the East Coast of Tasmania. He arrived at a section of Kunzea Trees (Australian Kanuka) that were leaning on the fence.

"As I began to cut them back to free the fence, I noticed that the section of the fence, previously covered by the trees, looked shiny and new. This provoked a thought process about how to utilise the antioxidant benefits of these plants and extract the oil for human use."
Since then much research has been carried out with astonishing results.


Below we share with you a quick routine for building immunity:

• During winter add 10 drops Kanuka oil (Leptospermum ericoides) to your bath 2 times a week.
• To avoid catching bugs from others, rub 10 drops of Kanuka up & down your spine, before you go to bed at night.
• Take 1 drop of Kanuka & 1 drop of Peppermint oil (Mentha piperita) on ½ tsp of honey 2 times a day after your meal; a refreshing antioxidant boost from the inside.
• Repeating 2-4 times per year for 10 days.

CAUTION: recipes apply to the use of Absolute Essential medicinal grade essential oils only.

Wishing you a healthy winter.
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