Why AE: Clinical Expertise

Founding director of Absolute Essential, Dr Bo Hendgen D.O. N.D. A.M. is a qualified Naturopath, Osteopath and Aromatic Medicine practitioner with over 35 years of hands-on, clinical experience.

Her holistic healthcare clinic has been an integral part of Absolute Essential’s operational development right from the start. And the inspiration for every product within our range stems directly from hands-on experience in this registered medicinal practice.

Bo is a passionate advocate of the health benefits of her trade, and has worked with clients from all walks of life, resolving all manner of issues (with a specialist focus on maternity and pediatrics). She's considered not only a pioneer but also an expert in the field of aromatic medicine (in NZ and internationally) and her knowledge, skill and intuitive flair are evident in the crafting of her unique prescription blends.

“Therapeutic essential oils show beautiful symmetry of effort and reward. By supporting the natural balance of resilience and restoration in the plant world, we obtain oils that effectively nurture our own capacity for natural resilience and restoration.”
– Dr Bo Hendgen