Little Treasures - Super Scents

Often described as the "plants soul", essential oils have a powerful, restorative effect on the mind & body, says Bo Hendgen, an aromatic medicine practitioner, osteopath & director of Absolute Essential Aromatherapy. For 16 years she has worked with pregnant women, babies and children, treating ailments such as colic, reflux, sleep and immunity issues, teething and ADHD. Hendgen doesn't recommend using most essential oils before a child is three months old, but says there are three safe enough to use from birth, as long as they are 100% pure:


Lavender True (Lavandula angustifolia mailette) - calms, soothes, promotes sleep. Mix (by shaking) one drop of lavender oil into a small amount of milk and pour into baby's bath. (Mixing with milk ensures the oil gets dispersed and doesn't sit on the surface of the water).
Chamomile Roman (Anthemis nobilis) - antispasmodic and digestive soother, good for colic. Add 1 drop of oil to 2ml or 30 drops cold-pressed Sweet Almond oil and massage into baby's tummy in clockwise direction. For teething, add 1 drop of oil to 2ml Sweet Almond oil, rub on neck or cheek (only on the skin, not in the mouth).
Rose Damask (Rosa Damascena) - to create a welcoming fragrance for your new born baby, rub a few drops of Rose Damask on to your thighs and chest during birth. Mix with Sweet Almond oil to make a massage oil. To see Hendgen's Mother, Baby & Child AromaCare range visit