Tips for helping combat winter ills and nasty bugs

The quick, easy & practical tips for virus protection

At Absolute Essential, our philosophy is to embrace all things Natural, Plant-Based, Organic, Fair Trade and Cruelty-Free. When you’re feeling a little under the weather, nature is your best medicine.  So, here are a few tips to help combat those nasty winter ills, and helps provide protection from nasty bugs. But first, let's explore a bit more about Pure Blends:

Why Pure Blends are created from organic essential oils and are important for your protection?

Most winter ailments and also viruses affect our respiratory system. Essential oils are volatile extracts from plants and their unique make-up allows their absorption into our body directly through inhalation into the lungs. They are a natural form of providing protection.

This is the reason why we design our blends by utilising only organic essential oils which we call ‘Pure Blends’.  They are a purposefully designed formulation which are both safe and effective. They come with clear, easy guidelines and directions for use, so why not add them to your toolbox of winter support products?


The most popular Pure Blends for winter and virus protection

If you want protection now, browse through these products to find the most suitable for you and your family:  Sinus Clear, Breathe Easy, Immune Plus for adults and Child Care: Immune Plus, as well as Baby Care: Nose & Chest with Chest Care Cream for little ones. For clean air in your home why not try the Diffuser Blend Purify, to breathe in fresh, cleansed air. 


Here are some simple, proven tips and application methods for our Absolute Essential Pure Blends:

For your Environment at home and work

Purify Diffuser Blend

While out and about you can protect yourself with our nourishing handy Purify Hand Sanitiser, or use our Purify Surface Spray at home, or work for surface protection. Otherwise while in a closed environment you can add 10 drops of the Purify Diffuser Blend to your diffuser to clean the air you breathe and leave a wonderfully fresh and uplifting scent in the air.

Tip 1: Essential oils have been used in many cultures throughout history for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits, promoting wellness, and enhancing personal hygiene.

These organic components derived solely from plants protect against microbial infection and support strong immune systems - so we have a chance to protect ourselves. Diffuse into your environment, and replenish in your diffuser every couple of hours.


For Adults

Sinus Clear

Designed to clear congestion of the upper respiratory tract, we formulated this blend nearly 30 years ago to instantly ease breathing when you are feeling congested.  It’s fabulous at clearing your head and sinuses.

Tip 1:  Apply 1 drop to your fingers and dab onto the tip of your nose (ensure your skin is not irritated already). This will clear your sinuses instantly.

Tip 2:  If you like hiking, climbing or trekking in high altitude, this little bottle will become your best friend. A drop onto the tip of your nose every 30 minutes will assist oxygen absorption and therefore help prevent you from suffering altitude sickness. 

Tip 3:  Add 1-2 drops into a ceramic bowl with hot water and hold your head over it for a few minutes. Breathe deeply under a towel to intensify.  Repeat as needed, during day and night.


Breathe Easy

Coughs and congestion can be debilitating and at their worst can inhibit your daily activity and effect your sleep. Breathe Easy is designed to support easier breathing and specifically benefit the lower respiratory system.

Tip 1:  Apply 1 drop to each of your 4 fingertips and rub directly onto the soft tissue part between your ribs (known as the intercostal space). Repeat on the other side. This will give you relief within minutes of application.  Make sure you wrap up warm following application so that the essential oils can penetrate within and do not evaporate out.

Tip 2:  Apply 3-5 drops onto the sole of your feet prior to bedtime, and it will work throughout your body while you sleep.

Tip 3:  Add 5-10 drops to your diffuser and keep it in close to your personal space, then continue to breathe deeply. If you do not have a diffuser of your own, add 3-5 drops to a handkerchief (yes the old fashion cotton ones are back in) and smell it as often as you need to.


Immune Plus

The immune system takes time to build up and needs continuous nurture and care. Our Immune Plus blend is designed to support your healthy immune functions. During these challenging times, it’s more important than ever, so here are some of our top tips for adding Immune Plus to your daily routine: 

Tip 1:  When winter ills are circulating at work or in your home, apply 3-5 drops onto the soles of your feet prior to bedtime then put on some cotton socks.  It will then work throughout your body while you sleep.

Tip 2:  Add 5-10 drops to a diffuser and replenish every hour. Everybody in your space will benefit and it will also give you additional protection at the time when you need it.

Tip 3:  Add 10 drops to your bath/footbath at night. For the best effects follow these simple tips:

  1. Add 10 drops of Immune Plus to ½ a cup of milk (any milk as long as it’s not low fat is fine) and 1 tablespoon of Epsom Salts. Shake and add into bathwater.
  2. Do not spend longer than 15 minutes in your bath, as your body releases toxins into the water in the first 15 minutes through the skin, and you don’t want to reabsorb these back again.
  3. Don’t share your bath if you are using it for these therapeutic purposes. 



For the little ones

Baby Care Nose & Chest

A carefully crafted formulation that we designed to support little ones (babies, toddlers and children) when colds and coughs are rife.  It is formulated using pristine gentle organic essential oils which include decongestant, expectorant, antiseptic, anti-viral and antispasmodic properties.

Tip 1: Apply 1 drop to the collar of baby’s jumpsuit. Repeat 3-4 times per day/night.

Tip 2: Add 5 drops to a diffuser and place around your baby’s cot or your child’s bed. Replenish every couple of hours.

Tip 3: Use in combination with our formulated Chest Care Cream (the essential oils are aligned).  Combine, and rub onto your child’s chest to ease breathing and other symptoms of discomfort.


Child Care: Immune Plus

This blend’s sole purpose is to assist the child’s immune system to be strong. Its intention is very much like the adult’s blend however I utilised much gentler and safer Essential Oils fit for purpose.

Tip 1: Apply 1-2 drops to the collar of your child’s jumper before you send them off to childcare or school.  This will help ensure the air they breathe will be protected.

Tip 2: Add 5 drops to a diffuser and place around your baby’s cot or your child’s bed. Replenish as needed.

Tip 3: Apply 1-2 drops to the sole of the child’s (1year +) feet at bedtime. Repeat every night during the winter months or when additional protection is required.



I hope these tips are helpful. 

Stay healthy and well,

Dr Bo Hendgen DO ND AM

Founder / CEO


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