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Organic Equine Health Renew (organic)

Intense nutrition at cell level to assist natural healing, nourish and repair tissues for optimum elasticity and tone. Use with regular applications to condition healing and even healed areas towards minimal visible scarring.
$34.95 (NZD) incl GST

Pure Unscented Face Cream (organic)

This luxuriously rich, rejuvenating face cream has been made with the purest, gentlest, all-natural ingredients including skin-loving oils Avocado, Apricot Kernel and Jojoba, and nourishing butters Shea (organic) & Cocoa (organic). It's light to the touch, readily absorbed and deeply nourishing. Especially formulated for sensitive and mature skin, this is a must-have addition to your all-natural beauty regime. Use as is, in its purest, unscented form. Or create your own bespoke face cream blend using the essential oils of your choice or a ready formulated Pure Blend (see directions).
$39.95 (NZD) incl GST

Rejuvenating Face Serum (organic)

Newly fortified with exceptional active botanical ingredients to nourish and enhance natural vitality, this wonder serum is now more effective than ever. It offers an immediate conditioning effect and promotes soft, supple, younger-looking skin. Light and non-greasy, this deeply nourishing, hydrating synergy is easily absorbed to feed the skin an optimum diet of essential nutrients. Apply upon waking to replenish and balance the skin before makeup, or use generously after cleansing and toning as an overnight restorative. A super-skin blend of the highest natural order - here you find the finest of nourishing, organic cold-pressed and virgin plant oils complemented and enhanced with pure therapeutic essential oils. It has a light therapeutic aroma and is packed with antioxidants, vitamins and essential Omega oils in a fast-absorbing, akin-to-skin composition. Gentle enough for daily use and suitable for all skin types, RFS organic transforms routine care into powerful natural health care for the skin.
$49.96 (NZD) incl GST