PRECISION CRAFTED IN MURIWAI, AOTEAROA100% organic, premium quality essential plant oil products of the highest therapeutic value, sourced and processed sustainably and expertly crafted for maximum efficacy.

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An exquisite range of certified organic and vegan, therapeutic-grade plant oil products.

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100% natural solutions for the whole family, nurturing health and wellbeing from tip to toe.

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Picture of Slimming, Detoxing and Toning
With summer comes heat, wearing fewer clothes and showing off more skin. Prepare for those summer days by doing a personal spring clean. Does summertime and the thought of shorts, togs, and singlets give you anxiety? Well, luckily we are...
Picture of Tips & tricks for managing stress, anxiety and mood swings
Stress, anxiety and mood swings affect us all in different ways. With the hurdles that 2020 has challenged us with, we may be more susceptible to feeling various emotions that are more difficult to manage. Fortunately, our essential oil can...
Picture of Stress less and sleep well with the right Essential Oils
Are you suffering from lack of sleep or an overload of stress? These all-too-common, modern-day complaints often go hand in hand. Indeed, stress versus sleep relationship can be a vicious cycle. The more stressed you are - the harder it...

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