Be the master of your sensuality with pure essential oils

Today I want to grab your attention with something sexy!

This is a so-called ‘educational’ blog where my one ambition is to teach:

- which essential oils are the most erotic
- how to create simple formulas to enhance intimacy
- how to use sensual blends to magnify natural allure and arousal

What could be more gratifying than an artistic outlet that uses healthful, organic ingredients to improve your sex-life?

One of the reasons that I love therapeutic plant oils so much is that they present fantastic scope for creativity.

By virtue of their plant-based purity and compound qualities, these are wonderfully compatible raw materials with the potential to engage our sensibilities as a sort of interactive art-form (scoff not, if you get into it, you will see what I mean).

Sensual blends

Learning how to make sensual blends for yourself is simple and keeps you grounded in the here and now

We are most healthy when the energy exchanges in our body are flowing and constant.

In other words, our chemical make-up is always changing. Even without an apothecary of oils at your disposal, you can learn a great deal and achieve surprising variety working with a few well-chosen ingredients.

This is why it is good to start learning to make sexy blends and test them on yourself… if you become your own guinea pig you can raise your awareness of subtle shifts in mood and energy and tend to them with increasing sensitivity. Eventually this will develop into an intuition that you can apply to blending for others too.

Anyone who can appreciate pure aroma has the main skill required to create outstanding sensual blends

If you are already a fan of organic essential oils, even just a little bit, then you will have experienced at least a degree of the powerful physiological relationship we can have with pure aromatic essence.

Just one deep inhale of the classic healer Lavender True, for example, will reveal a palpable harmonising to physical, mental and emotional activity… if you are able to tune into that, then there is really nothing to stop you from taking it to the next level and discovering the subtle intimacies of sensual blending.

Instinct and curiosity are valuable tools for the master blender

If you are interested in mastering blending for yourself, you might want to learn about the perfumery science of top, middle and base notes. If that sounds a little intimidating, just remember that it all that began simply with experimentation and fine observation, so all you really need is an inquiring mind and a measure of natural intuition to get you started.

The basic premise is that some essential oils are longer-lasting and will anchor your blend (base), some are harmonising to the more extreme elements in a blend (middle), and some give more immediate, intense impressions that accentuate the blend but fade more quickly (top).

In perfumery, the ideal is to create a satisfying balance of all three ‘notes’ but with therapeutic plant oils it is perfectly acceptable, for example, to chose just one essential oil to blend into a neutral carrier oil for massage, so there is no fixed rule – just guidelines to help you develop your own pleasurable journey.

Which essential oils are best for creating sexy, sensual blends?

Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang (full-sweet & fruity)
Jasmine (light-sweet & lusty)
(wood-sweet & smooth)
(smooth & musky)
Black Pepper
(crisp & spicy)
(spicy-wood & hot)
Tonka Bean
(spicy-sweet wood, comparable to Vanilla)
Patchouli (dark-sweet & earthy)

Among these are some of the best known ‘aphrodisiac’ oils and you will probably have heard of them all. They fall in the ‘middle’ note range (ordered above with the closer-to-base notes last) but each does have its own distinct aroma and you will very likely find that some are much more attractive to you than others.

You might want to just have one or two that appeal to you most and only use them sometimes– because a good sensual blend can be as much about relaxation and awareness as downright sexy-omph!

Which essential oils are most relaxing and balancing?

Geranium (Organic)

Geranium (crisp sweet-herbal)
(fresh fruity)
Neroli (honey citrus) or less-expensive Petitgrain Bigarade (tangy fresh)
Cedarwood (smooth balsamic)

Though infamously calming Lavender True is not on this list, you absolutely could try it out too. I simply made a list of essential oils that steer you towards more subtle harmonising, comforting qualities that can be used to help us open up and release tension or negativity without inviting too much relaxation.

These range from top to base notes and can work well together in subtle combination.

How do I know how much to put in a blend and where do I start?

When blending pure essential oils – for example to create a blend to diffuse into your bedroom or to drop into the bath – you want to only have 5-10 drops in total of essential oils. It is relatively easy to play with balance by putting in less of the scents that hit your senses more intensely (smell direct from bottle) and since you are working with small amounts, this is a nice way to experiment with different ratios.

Always allow your instinct to surface as you make your choices –when you chose oils that resonate with you on a sensual level you will be creating something that will enhance your natural scents and instinctive responses.

To create a really delicious, sensual massage blend you want to work to a maximum of 3% essential oil to carrier oil ratio. There are 20 drops of essential oil in one ml (Absolute Essential dropper), so to create a 100ml blend you are looking at no more than 60 drops in total of pure essential oils. It is a good idea to start with a lesser blend and increase gradually as you get a feel for the different effects you create.

You should use equally high-quality virgin carrier oils to ensure a deeply sensual skin experience. You can use a single carrier oil such as Sweet Almond or Avocado (both of which are very smooth and nutritious on the skin) or you can deepen the goodness and conditioning sensation with a combination of different oils.

A simple recipe for super sensual massage to point you in the right direction

Avocado 40ml
Almond 40ml
Jojoba 12ml
Wheatgerm 5ml

Ylang Ylang 20 drops
Cedarwood 27 drops
Black Pepper
8 drops
Jasmine 5 drops

Just one word of warning on the whole process… If you are making a blend with romantic intentions, I would suggest that you make your blend before things get too steamy – to avoid spilling precious oils in the heat of the moment.

And of course, always buy pure essential oils and virgin carrier oils from a trusted source of quality organic health products.


Medicinal-grade essential oils must be 100% pure. At Absolute Essential we use certified organic or wild grown (sustainable) plants to produce our oils and all extraction processes are strictly controlled to produce the best quality oil with a maximum purity and therapeutic value. See more at Absolute Essential