Health tips

Here's a quick A-Z on how our 100% natural, certified organic and vegan pure essential oil products may be able to help with alleviating some common health issues.


Some people are understandably a little less enthused about the onset of hot balmy summer days. But allergens and irritants can be a menace quite unexpectedly, at any time of year. Whatever it may be, if your body is reacting it will be trying to tell you something.
• Take some Vitamin C (1000mg) 2-3 times a day; Echinacea herbal blend can also assist in strengthening your immune response.
• For immediate decongestive relief, we recommend our expertly formulated pure blend Sinus Clear (Organic). Add a few drops to a tissue or hot water for an inhalation.
• For your eyes we have the gentle, soothing, therapeutic hydrosol blend Eye Soothe (Organic). It can be dropped directly into the eye for cooling & calming relief.


Healthy body, healthy mind… use it like a mantra. The most valuable tips are:

• Eat fresh fruit and vegetables.
• Exercise.
• Ensure you drink water – lots of it.
• Slow down and relax, especially when eating – try 20 chews per mouthful, for good digestion, and also against over eating.
When you forget that, here is a recipe for digestive comfort:
Use 1-2 drops of our Peppermint (Organic) Mentha piperita on ¼ of a teaspoon of honey or put honey and Peppermint in a cup of warm water, sip, relax and feel better within 10-15 minutes. (For children or during pregnancy please contact us for advice). When you enjoy natural health from the inside out you influence the healthy balance of your skin and your immune system. You look good and therefore you feel good.


Feeling unenthused about checking your own breasts? As it is so important for our health, here is a little tip to help motivate you… Deep Relax Massage Oil (organic) is a beautifully nourishing formulation that supports calm and relaxation. Using it as a regular breast care product will not only help you to maintain beautiful supple skin, but you will also benefit from the relaxing aroma to ease yourself into a peaceful body care routine, rather than anxious probing and prodding. Treating yourself in this way allows you to enter a healthy space with your body where familiarity comes naturally. If done as a weekly routine, your hands will easily register unusual lumps and bumps, and if you can always be in front of a mirror you will be able to quickly notice any visible changes. Here is to a long healthy life.


Ten years ago, a Tasmanian cattle farmer was repairing some very rusty fencing on a hill on the East Coast of Tasmania. He arrived at a section of Kunzea Trees (Australian Kanuka) that were leaning on the fence.
 “As I began to cut them back to free the fence, I noticed that the section of the fence, previously covered by the trees, looked shiny and new. This provoked a thought process about how to utilise the antioxidant benefits of these plants and extract the oil for human use." Since then much research has been carried out with astonishing results. Below we share with you a quick immune building routine.
• During winter add 10 drops Kanuka (Organic) Leptospermum ericoides to your bath 2 times a week.
• To help avoid catching bugs from others, rub 10 drops of Kanuka up and down your spine, before you go to bed at night.
• Take 1 drop of Kanuka (Organic) and 1 drop of Peppermint (Organic) Mentha piperita on ½ tsp of honey 2 times a day after your meal; a refreshing antioxidant boost from the inside. Do this for 10 days, 2-4 times a year.
CAUTION: recipes apply to the use of medicinal-grade essential oils only.


It’s not just children who get the occasional whopper. All it takes is a little adventure – a bike trek, a horse ride, a ski holiday – and you can end up with a very tender and graphic reminder of the less graceful moment that took you by surprise. So when life gives you a knock - and to help support gentle healing and ease discomfort - blend:
• 5 drops of Lavender True (Organic) Lavandula angustifolia m.
• 5 drops of Geranium (Organic) Pelargonium graveolens
• 1 ml of Rose Hip oil (Organic)
Apply it to the bruise by gentle dabbing onto the area. Within a few days the colour will change and start fading away. Lavender and Geranium oils offer soothing comfort, while Rose Hip oil nurtures the tissues, a perfect natural response with the added benefit of its soft, relaxing aroma.


While house cleaning may not come naturally to many of us, there is definitely some satisfaction to be had from creating a wholesome environment. Aggressive chemical shortcuts are not a healthy choice and are part of the reason for the general modern decline of natural balance. So here is a recipe that might give fresh motivation to the daily chores with its delightful natural scent of Sweet Orange, combined with uplifting, antiseptic and antibacterial properties of Lemon and Eucalyptus. When you do it yourself using Absolute Essential products you can be sure that there are no synthetic additives, parabens, toxins or other nasties typically used in supermarket products.
Combine with 1 cup of warm water:
• 20 drops Sweet Orange (Organic) Citrus aurantium
• 10 drops Lemon (Organic) Citrus Limonum
• 10 drops Eucalyptus Australiana (Organic) Eucalyptus radiata
Mix this in a jar with a lid and then, using a dropper, add 20 drops to a spray bottle filled with water for a naturally cleansing and refreshing “spray & wipe” solution. Excellent for keeping chopping boards bacteria-free (spray weekly). Also for problems with ants and flies: spray and wipe surfaces to clean but also - as the Limonene in Lemon essential oil is an excellent repellent - to deter uninvited visitors.


Confidence can often fail us at the most crucial moment: at work, in love, or even sometimes for a simple step into new experience. The thought of failure is of course a major deterrent to action, so it is good to remember just how often a baby has to fall before it can walk.
If there is a single essential oil scent that can help empower us towards overcoming doubt and moving into action, it must be Lime (Organic) Citrus aurantifolia. This is a bold, lively aroma with an exceptionally clear tone, to help blast out the clouds of uncertainty and inspire movement.
If lack of follow through is a common theme in your life, or you struggle frequently with new challenges, you are probably already aware of the confusion of thoughts and feelings that can bring process to a halt. For you we recommend our Clarity & Confidence (Organic) synergy of pure essential oils that has a sophisticated blend of inspiring, uplifting oils, measured with ones that specifically support mental clarity and calmness.
When it comes to love however, where a different kind of impetus is required, we suggest a little aromatic liberation. Jasmine 3% in Jojoba (Organic) Jasminus officinalis is a powerful scent that can encourage the release of inhibitions with its sensual, enticing tones. And if it pleases you, the scent can be worn as a perfume with a drop or two onto the wrists and neck (not recommended during pregnancy).


Rosemary (Organic) Rosmarinus officinalis cineol is famous for its rejuvenating properties. Not least for its affect on our digestive process supporting the release of bile which in turn stimulates the digestion of fats. This might not sound particularly appealing but Rosemary is actually a very pleasant scent that can bring welcome relief after a heavy meal.
Rosemary is also a great choice when you need to stay awake and alert, particularly while driving. So, for those late nights home from your favorite restaurant, keep a bottle in your car to dab on your collar and get yourself home safely and comfortably, ready for a good night’s sleep.


When we use 100% pure essential oils, we have the pure molecular construct of a plant’s medicinal properties. And this is what we use in aromatherapy to interact with the receptors in our endocrine and nervous system to influence natural responses towards healthy emotional balance.
Highly recommended is Vanilla (organic), more focused towards women, and Sandalwood, generally a good match for male energy. Also, crafted combinations of select essential oils can create a synergy of properties that increase the overall benefit on body systems. With the right know-how, it is possible to be very specific in our target responses.
Life Lift (Organic), for example, is restorative and uplifting. We recommend it for low-energy days and times of distress. Clarity & Confidence (Organic) is focused support for healthy mental process and motivational energy, while Stress Less (Organic) is about relaxation and calm energy.
We can also use blends to enhance our emotional and sensual responses for recreational pleasure, with subtle nuances of aromatic crafting: Absolute Romance (Organic) and Absolute Passion (Organic).


Common eye irritations & dryness can occur in babies and children just as much as in adults. Signs of discomfort can include pink, itchy eyes with a gritty feel to them, especially first thing in the morning. It is recommended that you avoid sharing towels and face cloths. Here is a tip to tend to this problem naturally:

Make a cup of pure Chamomile tea (organic)
Allow to cool and add 25ml of pure Lavender Floral Water (Organic)*
3.  Soak a cotton wool pad in this mixture and rest it on the eye for 5-10 minutes.
4.  For children and babies, wipe gently over eyes (from the outside in) 3 times a day until irritation disappears.
5.  Be sure to change to a new pad between eyes.
Or you can utilise our handy, ready-to-use solution Eye Soothe (Organic), which is safe for use on babies and in pregnancy.
* Lavender Floral Water (Organic) is created through the distillation of Lavender in purified water. It maintains a gentle solution of the plant’s water soluble therapeutic properties. It is not an essential oil as these are not safe around eyes.


Fungal imbalances can be caused by yeast that is always present in the body but normally kept in check by other friendly bacteria. Most women will experience an imbalance as least once in their lives and this can mean a range of unpleasant symptoms. Here are some sensible preventative measures:
• Avoid perfumed and coloured soaps
• Try not to wear tight pants
• Avoid wearing pantyhose
• Use organic cotton tampons or better still just non-deodorised sanitary pads
And of course, the right pure natural ingredients can support natural balance. Mix:
• 1 tsp of our Aloe Vera Gel (Organic)
• 3 drops of Manuka (Wild) Leptospermum scoparium  
• Smear liberally onto an organic cotton mini tampon and insert into the vagina.
• Leave in place for 1 hour max.
• Repeat up to 3x a day depending on need.
This treatment is NOT SUITABLE to be left in place overnight.
Caution: Pure Aloe Vera Gel is clear in colour and has no fragrance. The plant may be green, but the pure, therapeutic gel is most definitely NOT GREEN. We recommend you buy from Absolute Essential to ensure organic ingredients.


Just the mention of the word ‘lice’ or ‘nits’ is enough to make you feel itchy. But if you or your family members are scratching unprompted, chances are that you have uninvited guests.
The eggs are hard to see but with careful scrutiny about an inch up the hair from the follicle, often concentrated above the nape of the neck and in the hair behind the ears, you should be able to detect them (pull one down the strand of hair and if you can pop it between your finger nails, it is a live egg).
If you see live lice, there’s not much room for doubt. In developing countries the natural method of dealing with these persistent creatures is a series of laborious, monkey-like grooming sessions.
Luckily, we have a non-toxic essential oil solution that is much less involved and saves you from resorting to harsh chemicals with toxic components. LiceX (Organic) is a pure botanical blend that is safe enough for use on children and even during pregnancy.
• Simply massage ½-2 tsp thoroughly into scalp for 2-3 minutes, cover head tightly with a towel and leave for 15 minutes before rinsing and drying with a fresh towel.
• Repeat every other day for 6 days (3 treatments). This is important as it breaks the breeding cycle of lice, which are mature within 2 days.
• Ensure all pillowcases, towels and shirts etc. are washed and treat the whole family together.
Enjoy the refreshing sensation of the pure therapeutic oils and a divine scent left in the hair. The key to success is perseverance.


Evening Primrose oil (Organic) has been hailed as a “must have” supplement for every woman, due to its ability to support hormonal balance (especially important for those advancing towards menopause). Intrinsic benefits associated with Evening Primrose include:
• Soothes dry and flaky skin
• Calms respiratory reactions
• Naturally provides essential fatty acids, gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), linoleic acid (LA) and vitamins and minerals
• Eases joint stiffness
• Supports balance for PMS, calming the mood and offering digestive comfort.
We recommend you buy Evening Primrose oil (Organic) in liquid form (25ml) as it is better for the digestion (most capsules are made from gelatine). Also, liquid in glass bottles is a better environmental choice.
Add 5-10 drops to your cereal or toast at breakfast and lunch, repeat daily. Keep this product in the fridge for optimum freshness.

 Stay healthy naturally and enjoy life to the full.


We are all vulnerable to the presence of airborne bugs. Here are the best natural oils for keeping them at bay, and keeping you & your family as healthy as possible.
• Eucalyptus Australiana (Organic) Eucalyptus radiata: 10 drops rubbed onto the soles of your feet, supports breathing and enhances immunity.
• Peppermint (Organic) Mentha piperita: 5 drops in a steam inhalation (towel over head) helps to clear your sinuses. Or put 1 drop onto a teaspoon with Manuka honey, hold it in your mouth for 1 minute before swallowing. A great breath freshener.
• Ginger (Organic) Zingiber officinalis: Add 7 drops to 7 drops of Thyme (Organic) Thymus vulgaris CT linalol into a bath with 1 cup of Epsom Salt to kick start your immune system. Be sure to get an early night.
• Tea Tree (Organic) Melaleuca alternifolia: 5 drops in a diffuser to purify air; repeat hourly. Tea Tree is an active antiseptic and immune system enhancer.
• Manuka (Wild) Leptospermum scoparium: 10 drops to a bath. Manuka is our very own Kiwi immunity supporter, milder than Tea Tree which makes it ideal for children.
We also have a whole range of professionally formulated essential oil pure blends: Child Care: Immune Plus (Organic)Baby Care: Nose & Chest (Organic) are highly recommended for young families. And for adults we have stronger formulations Sinus Clear (Organic)Immune Plus (Organic) and Breathe Easy (Organic) which can be purchased separately or as a complete set in our Immune Essentials pack.


If you come across uninvited guests in your dog’s fur, here’s an effective natural solution:
Add 2-5 drops of either of the three essential oils below to a brush and comb through your dog’s coat every second day (depending on size and amount of fur).
2-5 drops of either or both Eucalyptus (Organic) Eucalyptus radiata or Tea Tree (Organic) Melaleuca alternifolia essential oil. As an additional measure you can incorporate 1 teaspoon of Sweet Almond oil (Organic).
Apply this simple mix 2x a week to your dog’s tummy and armpits, as this is where the fleas breed and hide. Take care to avoid sensitive areas. The only side effects are positive - your dog will smell wonderful.


The downside of getting back to nature is of course those little nature critters. The beautiful, idyllic camping spot with the perfect view may very well turn out to be a mozzie zone precisely at that breathtaking sunset hour. Or on the beach, just when you’ve exposed your entire body, you may suddenly become aware of the local abundance of sandfly.
Add a couple of drops of Tea Tree (Organic) Melaleuca alternifolia or Lemongrass (Organic) Cymbopogon citratus to your moisturiser and apply around legs, ankles, arms and wrists.
For protection against more serious exposure, rub on a blend of a drop or two each of Citronella (Organic) Cymbopogon wintrianus, Eucalyptus Blue Gum (Organic) Eucalyptus globulus, Lemon (Organic) Citrus limonum, Geranium (Organic) Pelaegonium graveolens and Tea Tree (Organic) Melaleuca alternifolia in your moisturiser. Repeat every couple of hours.
Once bitten, you may reduce the itch by adding a drop of Lavender True (Organic) Lavandula Augustifolia m. directly onto the bite.

We do have a couple of perfect blends if you cannot be bothered making this up – Bugs Repel Spray (Organic) and Bugs Repel Pure Blend (Organic).


There are many reasons for sleeplessness, the main ones being: stress, fear, low mood, hormonal changes, an over-active mind, foods or medications.
Add a drop of Lavender True (Organic) Lavandula angustifolia m. essential oil to your pulse points; wrists and ankles prior to bedtime. Its soothing therapeutic aroma supports relaxation and mental quiet and won’t interfere with medications as their absorption pathways are different which makes it a perfect, natural solution.
If something stronger is required, try our pure essential oil blend Dream Time (Organic). Use as above, in a diffusion or directly onto your pillow. This works in a synergistic combination of naturally active essential oils that support deep relaxation, mental quiet and tension release.
Lack of Magnesium is also a possible cause, therefore in addition to the above, 2-4 Magnesium citrate tablets taken prior to bedtime may support relaxation and help you drift off into dreamland.


All it takes is absent-mindedly running your hand down an old piece of wood and suddenly you have a splinter that is embedded deep and irretrievably. This can be disproportionately painful and irritating, but for an immediate and very effective remedy (which parents especially will appreciate) try this:
* Take 50gm of Argyle Clay Powder (Organic) (white, green or red)
* Blend with 10ml Lavender Floral Water (Organic).
* Add 5 drops of Manuka (Wild) Leptospermum scoparium
* And 10 drops Lavender True (Organic) Lavandula angustifolia m.
* Stir into a smooth paste, adding more liquid if needed.
* Apply to area, leave for 10-15 mins and repeat every 2-3 hours.
This is a cleansing antiseptic and drawing remedy. Once the splinter has been drawn out, apply some Skin Repair Cream (Organic) to add the final touches to the healing process.


Cleansing and detoxifying the body is a great way to help the body defend itself against the negatives of modern living. And coming out of the winter from all those extra carbohydrates presents the perfect time to spring clean your system as you ease your way into a lighter diet of naturally cleansing fruit and vegetables. Here is a particularly effective recipe for a gentle internal cleanse:
Blend in a glass of water 1 teaspoon of White Argyle Clay (Organic) and 1 tablespoon of Rose Floral Water (Organic). Drink this pleasant blend each morning on an empty stomach, for 10 days.
Enjoy the sensation of spring’s arrival from the inside out.
 Couple this with eating a bunch of fresh fruit & vegetables every day and remove the all too well known culprits (coffee, sugar, alcohol etc), and you will feel a million dollars.


The refreshing and uplifting scent of Wintergreen essential oil may well conjure up memories of the sports field. It is the major component of “liniment” used so often by athletes for muscle care and to ease injury. Here is a recipe for body care that is especially useful for supporting relief and healing in old injuries and stiff joints:
• Blend 5ml of Olive oil with 4 drops of Wintergreen (Organic) Gaultheria fragrantissima and 4 drops of Juniper Berry (Organic) Juniperus communis.
• For joints with intense stiffness & strain: add 5-8 drops to Olive oil or preferably Castor oil. Rub onto affected areas; wrap in a cotton cloth and cover with glad wrap, leaving on overnight to penetrate.
• Or, for an intense professional formula, Body Repair Cream (joints, muscles & tendons) is formulated with all the above ingredients and more, in a beautifully nourishing and silky cream for easy therapeutic application.


When you can't see the wood for the trees and are barely coping with life's demands, try the following:
Bergamot (Organic) Citrus auranthium var. bergamia is very effective for creating an atmosphere of focus that has inspiring overtones to support confidence. It smells great and is equally suitable for home and office.
Alternatively, Sandalwood Australian Santalum spicatum supports a relaxed, quiet mind which enables you to cope more effectively with life’s challenges.
And finally, Petitgrain Bigarade (Organic) Citrus auranthium is a scent with positive, uplifting tones. Did you know that it derives from the orange tree and is also called ‘The Poor Man’s Neroli’.

 Add a few drops of any of the above into a diffuser and refresh every few hours. Gently but surely your space will be infused with supportive change-evoking aroma.


Our southern skies are notoriously quick to cause a sunburn, even when we think we’ve been really careful. Let us steer you to the soothing and healing properties of some of nature’s finest ingredients:

Lavender Floral Water (Organic)
• Aloe Vera Gel (Organic) (100% natural, colour & additive free)  
• Lavender True (Organic) Lavandula angustifolia m.
Spray the affected area with Lavender Floral Water as this will hydrate the skin and is incredibly soothing. Blend together 5 drops of Lavender True and 1 tsp of Aloe Vera Gel. Mix well and rub onto burn for instant cooling and relief. Repeat initially every hour, then 3 to 4 times daily.
If you are quick and persistent enough your skin will not even peel. Ensure you have these products close at hand this summer – mine is always ready in the fridge or cooler picnic bag.


Whether you have been burning the candle at both ends, partying ‘til the wee hours, or simply have a lot on your plate, here are a few tips to help you stay alert and restore your focus.
Rosemary (Organic) Rosemarinus officinalis: well known for its energy-promoting properties, rather like a natural alternative to coffee.
Basil (Organic) Ocimum basilicum: supports healthy mental focus and helps to clear the head.
Simply add 5 drops of Rosemary and 2 drops of Basil to your diffuser, or on a tissue to inhale close to the nose. Refresh every 2 hours.
Alternatively, our specially formulated Brain Power (Organic) is made with a powerful synergy of these and other potent essential oils, designed to support healthy mental process and natural clarity.


We are so accustomed to hearing bad news and depressing stories that it might not even occur to us to consider the accumulative effect of all that negativity. In truth, mental energy can be seriously depleted by anxious thoughts and a fearful disposition so it is definitely worth a conscious effort towards greater awareness and a more positive outlook. Research studies have shown that scents can trigger happy memories, improve moods and enhance awareness. What better than nature’s most powerful aromatic essences to create a blend for positive thinking?

• 1 drop Basil (Organic) Ocimum basilicum: cleansing and fortifying
• 3 drops Bergamot (Organic) Citrus auranthium var. bergamia – calming and balancing
• 1 drop Clary Sage (Organic) Salvia sclarea: revitalising and euphoric
• 2 drops Lime (Organic) Citrus aurantifolia: uplifting and refreshing
• 3 drops Mandarin (Organic) Citrus reticulata: fresh, fortifying and inspiring
Add to your diffuser or put some onto a tissue and inhale every hour. Use with positive affirmations. You may be pleasantly surprised at the upturn in your life’s energy. As a pure blend alternative I can recommend Life Lift (Organic).


We have all had that little niggle in the back of the throat - a tickle or scratch that won’t go away. It’s a good idea to address this immediately, as a relatively small irritation can lead to more serious things quickly.
We recommend Ginger (Organic) Zingiber officinalis, which offers incredibly effective natural support and immune protection.
Simply fill a glass ¼ full with warm water, add a pinch of sea salt and 2-3 drops of 100% pure Ginger essential oil, stir it up and gargle. Repeat this every hour.
Combine this with some Vitamin C 1000mg tablets (6 daily), 1 every hour or so, for approximately three days and you will be away laughing again in no time.


Peace and tranquility are things we all strive to enjoy, the rewards of which are health, positivity and energy. And to help you keep some space free and available for peace and quiet we recommend our very special Deep Relax Massage Oil (Organic). It can be used on pulse points as a scent to support peaceful equilibrium in an accessible way, or as a full body treatment for deeper therapeutic effect. Or perhaps a relaxing bath suits you better, in which case our essential pure blend* Tranquility & Meditation (Organic) is recommended, also perfect to diffuse into a room to help create a peaceful atmosphere suitable for calm and contemplation. One of my all-time favourites.
For your children, we suggest that you invest in a simple bottle of Lavender True (Organic) essential oil and use it at bath time or on the pillow at bedtime, or even in a little virgin olive oil for a chest rub. It is wonderfully calming and relaxing.
*Pure blends are formulations of combined essential oils.


The stomach is related to the solar chakra, the energy centre where we develop our autonomy and relate to the world. Feeling queasy or experiencing abrupt shifts in appetite when we receive bad news are testament to this connection. Which is why we recommend our Solar Chakra Blend (Organic) in certain cases of tummy upset as it is especially formulated to support the balance of energy in the associated chakra. However, if your problem is related to  travel you should try the following recipe:
Rub 2 drops of Ginger (Organic) Zingiber officinalis and 4 drops Spearmint (Organic) Mentha spicata essential oils onto your solar plexus area (just where the ribs come together underneath your chest area). Repeat as required.
Often one application achieves a result. Dilute this combination in a quarter teaspoon of olive oil if you have sensitive skin. You may use this to ease any queasy feelings due to pregnancy, but at 1/2 the dosage.


Unfortunately the tendency for varicose veins to develop in the legs is often hereditary. However, there can be other contributing factors such as:
* standing on concrete or other hard surface all day
* bad nutrition
* little or no exercise.
If you already have them, there is a simple method using Lemon (Organic) Citrus limonum - which is known to enhance healthy circulation). You have to be consistent however, as only perseverance will reap rewards. Dab (don’t massage) 2-3 drops of Lemon (Organic) onto the area 2x a day. That’s it, it really is that simple.


Here is a natural way to support yourself through the process.

• A ‘grandmother special’ remedy: eat apples at least 5 times a day, any apple dish you can think of, raw apple, stewed apple, apply pie, grated apple, dried apple... and it’s not just a healthy oral distraction. The pectin in apples absorbs the nicotine stores in your body's tissues and assists in the detox and elimination through the intestine.
• In addition, you should surround yourself with the scent of Bergamot (Organic) citrus auranthium var. bergamia. Not only is it recommended during stressful times but also to support strong will power and appetite management. This should help to counter the tendency to let one habit be replaced by another, which is very commonly overeating.


Scrapes and scratches are a daily occurrence when you have kids or lead an active outdoor life. Some people suffer more from cuts and wounds because of bad circulation. These need to be attended to with common sense and natural first aid can be used effectively to avoid infection quickly.
For a simple homemade cleansing & protecting solution, blend together:
- 1-2 cups warm water
- pinch of sea salt
- 5 drops of Lavender True (Organic) Lavandula angus. Maillette  
- 3 drops of Myrrh (Wild) Commiphora abyssinica
Use this to wash the area 2x a day. Once the wound is clean, apply some of our nutrient rich Skin Repair Cream (Organic) – a fully botanical blend with all the best natural plant extracts included – and leave it to heal naturally.