The Key to Family Wellness

Being a mother is hard work. It is constant work. Particularly in those early stages of caring for a new baby, many mums put their own needs last. This is a natural response, of course. The instinct to nurture is powerful. But the reality is if you stop looking after your own health and wellbeing, your ability to care for others (and enjoy those first tender years of motherhood) will be affected ...

As a mother myself, and as a clinician with 30 years of holistic health and specialist paediatrics experience, my best advice is to take care of yourself. You can’t drink from an empty cup. You need to know that you are not being selfish by prioritising to your own needs. By making space for self-care, you will feel better and be happier. You’ll have more energy and vitality. You will become the best version of yourself, which ultimately benefits the whole family.

Along with the obvious strategies of getting enough sleep, eating well and exercising regularly, I’d fully encourage you to choose ‘pure and natural’ – that is, follow a healthful, organic lifestyle, and create a home environment that is free from toxins and chemicals so as to minimise the impurities of modern living.

From the food you eat and water you drink, to the soaps, lotions and fragrances you put on your skin, to the products you use to “clean” the house – choose to go ‘green’ when you shop (i.e. checking the labels and choosing brands that are 100% natural, organic and pure wherever possible) and you will radically reduce the chemical burden to which you and your family is exposed.

Traditional plant remedies offer pure and trusted family support

There’s no question that Absolute Essential products are anything but 100% natural and 100% good for you. Developed with complete family health and wellness in mind, our therapeutic-grade essential plant oils are the best home remedies you will find because they are the result of a blanket policy for full natural integrity.

No artificial fragrances, colours, chemicals, parabens, petrochemicals, pesticides, silicone or SLS (NO nasties, ever). Just nature, pure and simple - a small bottle full of all the good things and none of the bad.

Here are a few Absolute Essential products I wouldn’t be without:

lavender tea tree eucalyptus

Lavender True (organic) - your first aid kit in a bottle. Great for scrapes, bumps, bruises, burns - you name it. Tea Tree (organic) - with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and anti-fungal properties, a go-to healer, cleanser and purifier. Eucalyptus Australiana (organic) - natural respiratory support and effective relief for colds, coughs and congestion.

Also worth mentioning are the following formulations for maternity and baby care, as a gentle, easy step towards strengthening and protecting natural health, every day.

maternity stretchmark tone oil organicMaternity Stretchmark & Tone Oil (organic) A smoothing, silky body experience made from the most luxurious botanicals with intense elastic-boosting qualities to condition the skin for natural stretch. Highly absorbent, nutrient rich and enhanced with therapeutic aromas and properties to support physical, mental and emotional processes during pregnancy.

baby oil organicBaby Oil: Rose & Chamomile (organic) So many baby products have added perfume and unnecessary ingredients - all of which get absorbed into nascent body systems. Not ours. And this best-selling formulation is perhaps the most lovingly crafted of all my blends because of how absolutely precious its end-user is. Exceptionally gentle for a perfect lightness and delicacy to softly nurture and protect.

twinkle star organicTwinkle Star (organic) A pristine sleep-time solution suited to infant sensibilities. Children find the softly sweet aroma deeply reassuring and the relaxing synergy helps them to drift off more easily. It also includes support for good deep breathing which can really make a difference to snuffly, unsettled children. An easy choice for devoted parents and health-conscious consumers.

NB: We ONLY use pure, certified organic or wild grown (sustainable) plants and all extraction processes are strictly controlled to produce the best quality essential oil with maximum purity and restorative value.

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- Dr Bo Hendgen