Unlike “flavour and fragrance” oils, the high-grade, pure organic essential oils that we produce at Absolute Essential work as potent aromatic therapeutics. When used correctly, they can transform how you care for your personal and family health. Whether you want to sleep more soundly, ease pain, support immunity or boost energy levels – we have a product that can help.


Oilology 101

An essential oil is a highly concentrated substance that is extracted from the flowers, leaves, stems, roots, bark or seeds of a plant. Various extraction methods can be used (depending on the part of the plant being used) including steam or water distillation, but also carbon dioxide, hexane and fat extraction in some instances.

Every oil is made up of hundreds of individual, naturally occurring, organic chemical compounds (phyto-hormones) that the plant itself has used to help with aspects such as humidity control, hormonal effects, infection control and self-healing. When extracted with care (slowly, and at low temperature) this “life force” of the plant is preserved and is recognisable by our human biology.

Remedies & Tips

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