The World's most erotic essential oil

The most seductive scent for any occasion

We talk a lot about the healing and harmonizing of essential oils, so today I decided to profile the sexy scent of Jasmine.

Would you turn down the chance to sample a naturally tonic, spiritually uplifting aphrodisiac?

The assumption I’m working on is that few of us would.

Popularised centuries ago in Arabia and Persia and going by the common name of ‘mistress of the night’ (harvested at night when its aroma is strongest), this is one scent that has always stood apart as exotic and alluring. In many cultures Jasmine is a bridal bloom and its reputation as ‘the perfume of love’ was established in Indian and Moslem traditions way before the likes of Channel and Yves St Laurent were using it at the heart of their famed aromatic creations.

Jasmine is a scent that has inspired many poetic words of description.

If I tell you that it is ‘delicate yet lusty’ this is only one humble attempt to lead you in the right direction.

Others in the olfactory world will use terms such as euphoric, fruity and indolent – the latter of which refers to a scent molecule that is common to many various flowers, roots, barks, etc. and translates as a base odor. Here is a well-referenced quote by Luca Turin, (a biophysicist with a long standing interest in the sense of smell) that explains the duality of the indole, what is really happening is connected to the endocrine functions that govern our sexual and instinctual responses.

Therapeutically, Jasmine brings a unique lift to soul and senses.

It has a clarifying effect on the nervous system and is calming on emotions. Quite apart from its sensuality, Jasmine has gained significant interest as a healthful alternative to drugs like Valium.

Whether this is really comparable I don’t know, but I certainly do like to use Jasmine in the Absolute Essential holistic health care clinic when dealing with issues of under-confidence and life-lethargy, and I continue to be impressed by the extent of its reach.

My own love-affair with Jasmine is based in that lusty undertone that perfectly offsets its light, feminine sweetness. (And you will only find this in pure Jasmine extract because this is something that simply does not work in chemical synthesis – they have been trying for decades.)

Jasmine flower

I still vividly remember a balmy night in Provence.

I was meandering through narrow village streets in the moonlight and turned a corner into the full sweet glory of a Jasmine-lined garden. The aroma might have been offensive it was so all consuming, but in reality it was wonderfully arresting and seductive.

They say that scent has the power to transport you and that night, with a big fat moon and the wash of sensual Jasmine, all my senses were suddenly woken to the magic of the timeless present.

So I am smitten. I always appreciate how uplifting and calming the aroma is, how it wakes me up  and grounds me at the same time, and  I really love the base sensuality that carries it to fullness.

Interestingly, this is a fragrance that can work for both men and women.

My own intuition is that Jasmine brings a Yin Yang quality that is especially healing to our sexuality.

Jasmine is also wonderfully therapeutic for childbirth.

If you have ever read ‘Spiritual Midwifery’, where the original hippy midwives relate many stories of loved-up couples achieving pain-free birth, it does seem easy to appreciate a connection. In its pure form, Jasmine’s price reflects its high therapeutic value, but to make it more accessible it can be blended in a compatible pure carrier with a neutral fragrance.

Absolute Essential offers both pure Jasmine absolute and organic Jasmine in Jojoba.

Here are simple ways to bring the many benefits of Jasmine into everyday life

Perfume: rub a little Jojoba/Jasmine blend to the pulse points, replenish within 1-2 hours.

Cologne: add 1 drop pure Jasmine to 1ml pure organic Ethanol, shake & apply as required.

Body Spray: add 5 drops of Jasmine to 100ml of Rose Floral Water. (You can take this blend further with 2 drops of pure Sandalwood to complement both aroma and therapeutic value.)


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