New Idea First Aid

First Aid Quick

It's a good idea to pack a basic first-aid kit in the car if you are heading off on a long summer road trip to the beach or a stay at the bach. But as well as having a supply of plasters, check out which essential oils could prove useful.

Lavender: Use on burns, cuts, scrapes and rashes as it aids healing and assists pain. It can also be used in a compress for headaches and muscle pains.

Tea Tree (Manuka): Add this oil to water and use it as an antiseptic wash. It works on skin to ease fungal infections and bites.

Eucalyptus: It's known for its expectorant, decongestant and antibacterial properties. Dab a few drops on a cloth for inhalation or into hot water to create a steam infusion.

Chamomile: Useful for rashes, skin irritations and the nerves! Mix it with lavender and rub on temples for headaches and stress.

Peppermint: Works well for aches, sprains and strains but only rub on unbroken skin. It's cooling and relieves pain and tension. Dab it on temples for headaches.


New Idea First Aid