WHY AE: Product Quality

Absolute Essential plant oils are the best you will find because they are a product of a blanket policy for full natural integrity. No secrets, no shortcuts. Every ingredient we use in our products is listed on the label, because to us, transparency is paramount.

In real terms, this means when you purchase our products, you can be sure there are NO artificial fragrances, colours, chemicals, parabens, petrochemicals, pesticides, silicone or SLS (NO nasties, ever). Just nature, pure and simple - a small bottle full of all the good things and none of the bad.

Something you should know about bigger, more commercial essential oil companies is that they mass-produce for the ‘flavour and fragrance’ market, and have no intention of maintaining the therapeutic value of their oils. Often they use agents to source raw ingredients, and their product arrives pre-bottled, ready for labeling at the point of sale – which means there’s no control over the selection of plants, the growing conditions or the extraction and manufacturing processes. All factors that are pivotal to quality.

Our point of difference is that we personally manage every step. From the relationships we have with our artisan growers, to the specialist crop selection, to overseeing the harvesting times and extraction methods (low and slow), right through to the final crafting and packaging – we’re there. Hands on. Safeguarding the integrity of our product by adhering to meticulous quality standards.

Only 4-6% of global essential oil production is performed with a therapeutic intention, the rest fall into the ‘fragrance and flavour’ category. Absolute Essential’s products are a part of the elite 4-6% group.