We have a great selection of these natural health remedy cards available
for download (perfect for home and/or professional use).

Hair Care

Encourage softness, add shine: 2-3 drops Chamomile Roman 3% in 2-5 ml Jojoba, or 2-5 ml Absolute Hair Care Oil, massage in, leave in overnight then wash out & rinse. Repeat once a week. Calm frizz, nurture treated hair: Apply Argan Oil or Absolute Hair Care Oil to damp hair with fingertips, or rub into dry ends. For dandruff: Add 5-10 drops Rosemary to a palm-serving of shampoo once or twice a week (mornings) to help stimulate the scalp & encourage circulation. For healthy growth: Up to 1 tsp Argan Oil or Absolute Hair Care Oil massaged into scalp. Leave overnight, wash out the next morning. Repeat weekly.

First Aid Care

No sting antiseptic: 5-10 drops Lavender True in warm water & pinch of sea salt. 1-2 drops Lavender True or Skin Repair Cream direct to clean cuts and scrapes, twice a day. First aid & skin relief: Apply Calendula Infused Oil over cleaned cuts or scrapes, or smooth on Skin Repair Cream before dressing, twice a day. Blisters & scalding: Apply 1 drop Lavender True & 5 drops Calendula Infused Oil, or ¼ tsp Skin Repair Cream, immediately & repeat hourly. Cover with a plaster if necessary.

Digestive & Detox

Aid/ease digestion: 2 drops each Peppermint, Oregano, Kanuka in 1 tsp Olive Oil, massage clockwise on stomach. 1 drop each in ¼ tsp honey at mealtime, or 2 drops Oregano in 10 ml Olive Oil add as a salad dressing. 2X a week easy detox: In berry & banana smoothie, add 1-2 drops Kanuka and/or Peppermint, & 1 tbsp White Argyle Clay Powder. Blend well. 3 day clay intestinal cleanse: 1 tsp Argyle Clay in 250 ml water. Stir & leave to settle. Drink water not residue. Add water & repeat 6x each day. Drink all water & clay the sixth time. Repeat 3 days while eating only organic fruit/vegetables/rice.

Slim & Tone

Boost circulation, detox & tone: Post-morning shower, rub 1 tsp Cell Slim & Tone Lotion over bum, tum & thighs (or any other problem areas). Aid depth of tone & elasticity: Massage Cell Slim & Tone Lotion in, each night (especially effective post-exercise). Help for digestion & to ease craving: Diffuse 5-10 drops Bergamot prior to eating. Or add 1 drop to pulse points. This curbs the urge for binge eating & satisfies the brain. Goal setting/mood: Diffuse 5-10 drops Lemon for a positive outlook.

Joint & Body Care

Ease the body: Add 10 drops Wintergreen or 10 drops Muscle Tonic to 1 cup Epsom salt & 1 cup milk then pour into a bath or foot bath & soak no longer than 15 minutes. Ease the joints: Add 5 drops Wintergreen to 5 drops Lavender True, or 1 tsp Body Repair Cream & massage deeply into joints, wrap in cotton & glad wrap to heat, leave overnight. Repeat every night for 6 weeks.

Scar Care

Minimise old scars: 3 drops Lavender True, 2 drops Myrrh in 1 tsp of ½ Argan/Rosehip. Apply frequently. Or use ready-blend Scarless Solution as above. Pre-emptive care: On fresh closed wounds, 3 drops Lavender True, 2 drops Myrrh in 1 tsp of ½ Argan/Rosehip, apply minimum twice a day. Or use ready-blend Scarless Solution as above. Minimise old stretchmarks: 3 drops Lavender True, 2 drops Myrrh in 1 tsp of ½ Argan/Rosehip, or use ready-blend Scarless Solution: calculate the scar’s age in years, apply twice a day for the same number of months. Be persistent.

Muscle Care

Sprains, strains & tension: 1-2 drops Peppermint and/or Lavender True massaged direct to area. Or 10 drops Muscle Tonic in 1 tsp Arnica Infused Oil for deep body work. Exercise ease: Add 10 drops Lavender True or Muscle Tonic to bath plus 1 cup Epsom salt to fortify & help deep absorption. Warm-up rub: 10 drops Muscle Tonic in 1/4 tsp Arnica Infused Oil. Rub muscles vigorously. Warm-down rub: 10 drops Lavender True & 10 drops Lemon Oil in 1 tbsp of Arnica Infused Oil or body lotion. Apply as needed. Assists circulation.

De-Stress Care

Aid relaxation: Add 5 drops each of Sandalwood Australia & Tranquility & Meditation to a bath. Also diffuse 8-10 drops of either in the bedroom. Support calm, counter restlessness: 2 drops Lavender Sweet or Tranquility & Meditation to pulse points, or diffuse 8-10 drops of either in the bedroom. Alleviate the perception of stress: 2 drops Stress Less to pulse points every hour. This blend will quickly become your best friend.


Support a restful sleep: Add 2 drops Chamomile Roman or Lavender True to pulse points before bedtime, or when sleep is disturbed. Dream Time (adults): 10 drops of this specialist pure blend in a diffuser for a therapeutic sleeping space, 10 drops in bath water for a 15 minute relaxing soak before bedtime, or 10 drops to ½ tsp of carrier oil for deep relax massage. Twinkle Star (children): same as above but with ½ or less dosage (ages 1-12).

Head Tension

Head Ease (organic): As soon as you feel tension or any discomfort, apply one drop of Head Ease to the back of the neck or on temples. You may feel an immediate response. This blend can also be used to encourage clear thinking & create an atmosphere conducive to study or problem solving. Peppermint (organic): Try 1 drop Peppermint Oil dabbed direct on the tongue to help ease tension. Repeat every 30 minutes as required up to six times a day.

Ease Congestion

Clear sinus congestion: Diffuse 10 drops Sinus Clear, or put 1 drop on your finger & apply direct to each nostril. Alternatively, add 5 drops to a bowl of hot water for steam inhalation (repeat once daily). Ease breathing & chest restriction: Diffuse 10 drops of Breathe Easy, or add 10 drops to ¼ tsp carrier oil for a calming chest rub. And 5 drops to a warm bath for a 15 minute therapeutic soak.

First Aid

Peppermint: topical relief for sprains, tummy ache, back strain, head tension. Adults 1 - 2 drops direct. For children use Lavender (avoid cuts & eye area). Lavender True: burns, scrapes, cuts, also shock & stress. Apply a few drops direct to skin, or inhale from bottle. Tea Tree: Add 5 drops to salty water & wash cuts & scrapes. Apply 1 drop direct to bites & fungal infections. Combine Tea Tree & Peppermint: 2 drops each in hot water for decongestant steam.

Tickly Throat

2 drops Ginger or 2 drops Tea Tree onto a warm compress, place on the throat and leave 10-15 minutes. Also, 1 drop into some warm salty water & gargle 2 - 3 times daily. Place 1 drop of Ginger & 1 drop of Peppermint on your favourite chewable Vitamin C tablet or in Manuka honey, chew and swallow. Repeat 2-6 times a day.