Welcome to wellness

We live in challenging times. Busy schedules, fast food, sedentary habits and an overabundance of environmental toxins can have a cumulative affect and leave us feeling unbalanced, unwell and generally lacking in energy.

Looking to natural remedies to help purify your lifestyle and rebalance physical, mental and emotional wellbeing is a smart choice. Even smarter is taking that one step further and discovering the natural genius of 100% pure essential plant oils. Not just as a solution, but also as a powerful preventative tool.

Unlike ‘flavour and fragrance’ oils, the therapeutic-grade, pure organic essential oils that we produce here at Absolute Essential work as potent aromatic medicines. The effect they have on your holistic health can be profound when used correctly, and having them at home for personal use and family care is transformative. Whether you want to sleep more soundly, ease pain, increase focus, assist natural energy or simply nurture an optimum state of being - we have dozens of options formulated to enhance wellness. Check out our exceptional range (organised by need) here.